The event, which was held at the Rayo stadium, was presided by the club's president, Raúl Martín Presa, who was accompanied by the president of Kelme, Carlos García Cobaleda, and a number of authorities from the city of Madrid as well as members of the club's management team and training staff.

When presenting the new uniforms, Raúl made reference to the media campaign launched by the club a few days ago with the message "Do you still believe that nothing unites us?" aimed at catching people's attention and generating interest.

According to Raúl Martín, "Today we are going to show that the entire world has a connection with El Rayo because we are, above all, a club based on solidarity. Thanks to KELME, we are going to improve our club's positioning thanks to the three Rayo uniform designs that perfectly reflect our essence and the message of solidarity we convey."

Carlos García presented Rayo's new uniforms as an excellent joint project between the club and KELME. "Today marks the start of a three-year partnership in which we hope to provide Raya fans with personalized collections and products made of amazing quality with attractive designs, like the uniforms we are presenting today that also address the club's praiseworthy initiative of solidarity. Kelme has strived to create uniforms that represent the most beautiful collection in Spain's First Division," he stated.

The club has taken an additional step in the social effort of acknowledging the work of all the anonymous heroes that fight for our society on a daily basis. 

The second uniform highlights seven causes that Rayo Vallecano will wear on its stripe. In addition, €7 of each jersey sold will be donated to the associations selected by the club to represent each cause.

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