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Kelme K044 Thin Sports Towel Green

  • Brand: Kelme
  • Product Code: Kelme Sale 360




  • Price in reward points: 50
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Icy material, sports towels, cold cool shaking moment no sticky feeling, no sense of wet, fast blot, no chemical agent, is a component of sports enthusiasts with equipment!
Anti-bacterial deodorant, anti-UV, light and comfortable and easy to carry.
With beautifully packaged, more stylish and more secure.
Tech sensation towel fabric ultra-light, allowing you to reduce the excess burden of the process in motion.
The inside of dark fabrics, color matching, color-rich, highly dynamic fashion.
Kelme characteristics of small print paw logo.
Using functional polyester fabric, with powerful sweat, put wet function, and can quickly rule out the moisture and sweat table.

Model: K044
Color: Green
Composition: Functional polyester fabric
Size: 110 x 30 cm
Thickness: Thin
Elastic Index: Micro

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