Kosovo 2016/17 Kit Released

Tomorrow night, the Veritas Stadion in Turku hosts a historic football match. Finland are the opponents for Kosovo in their first-ever World Cup qualifying match. The tiny Balkan state, synonymous with conflict and human tragedy, steps into the global football spotlight.

Admitted  to UEFA and FIFA earlier this summer, the Kosovars are still struggling to know who is eligible for the match. 18 of the squad were named but 7 await FIFA’s approval, having appeared for other nations at full international level.

The outfield players wear a royal blue kit. Made by the Spanish sportswear manufacturer Kelme Outlet, the template is bespoke.

White and yellow trim feature heavily in the unusual design. The collar and cuffs are yellow but on the right and left, there are large white panels on the upper body and sleeve.

Completing the outfield players kits will be blue shorts and socks.

The goalkeepers wear an all-black kit. The trim for the kit is pink, showing in the collar, cuffs and panels on the side of the shirt body.

A momentous occasion for the nation, Kosovo is the form team going into tomorrow’s match. Finland, a thorn in England’s side in the 1980s, have lost five of their last six. Kosovo have won 2 of the last 3. The opposition may have been of a lower standard but will that make a difference?

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