World-renowned Sports Brand (Kelme)

KELME sports brand has dedicated four decades of history, its founders wisely brand positioning in the performance of their athletes determination and strength. In 1963, Quiles brothers in Spain Elche founded their company, then they will focus on the general business activities of sports shoes products. A few years later, they began to flex its muscles in the sporting goods market. In 1977, KELME the brand was born in Spain. A year later, the first sports shoes market. From Spain KELME company renowned international market, and the potential to brave Gordon pinnacle sports brand.
In the late 1970s, KELME outlet begin its products to overseas markets, and invested heavily in advertising and sports sponsorship, bringing returns for KELME brand, but also to lay the cornerstone for the KELME global market developments. Especially in the 1980s, KELME began to develop products and technologies as its strategic importance, and bio-mechanical center of Valencia formed a technology partnership. They have the latest technology and professional football shoes, and strive to ensure the health of athletes and prevent sports injuries. For example FLOT system and MSK system, on the use of the joiner, to prevent serious ankle injury caused by tilting; and conversion system and new materials RK2 applications like KELME independent research and development in soccer shoes, it has become the world's an important part of the history of sports shoes. These are closely associated with football techniques for KELME brand a huge success, becoming the core of the company's development. In the continued success, based on the innovation of KELME few years later it decided to launch the first set of male and female sports apparel products.

As the sport continues to flourish, KELME wrist business expansion matures, establish deep roots with the Spanish national and international sports events. In the 1980s, KELME brands first joined the ranks of cycling and football, have been sponsored by Saad Olympic Tower, Sandra Myers, Jose Lewis Gangsaileisi, Abel Anton and other well-known athletes. Soon, KELME also turned the same idea in various sports fields basketball, tennis and indoor football. These years KELME brand has moved from the former Spanish and Russian domestic market started, continue to successfully conquer Europe, South America and Asia. In Belgium, the United States, Italy, Brazil, Britain, Russia, Japan, Germany ...... become a leading symbol of the spirit of international sports brands and the world of sports.
90s, KELME "committed to human sports," the spirit of the development concept for the holding to a surprise, was designated as the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​Spain's official sponsor. And in 1994, became known as the world's best football team in the history of football Real Madrid sponsor. The new century, KELME brand re-use the term "claw" this international symbol, the new logo will lead KELME brand future, and create a better tomorrow. KELME effort and enthusiasm, is to make people continue to feel the true meaning of sport.

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