Kelme Spain's CEO, Carlos García Covaleda, would start the event: "Today we present a new project where Kelme and LNFS get united. When we signed with Michelin, a year ago, we wanted to be a reference in Spain and prepare a this project with LNFS, which today has become real with the presentation of this new collection that is an example of evolution and we are very proud of it"
"This iconic futsal model is our best seller worlwide and now it has been improved and gave it the LNFS coporate look", said Carlos García.
Javier Lozano, president of the LNFS, also had some words: "Two years ago we sat together and decided to keep growing together investing on this project and giving us mutual support. Our reputation and status opens lots of doors in an international level. We want to keep growing as in sports and identity. Congrats in such a good product that will make better the life of our players".
The KELME Precision LNFS appeared with the interest and commitment of the LNFS to offer a top level competition and offer the greatest show of futsal world. This, plus the extensive experience and knowledge that KELME has in the development of sports shoes, futsal specialist, has made possible the launch of this unique model for LNFS. The first thing that stands out in this new model is the packaging, which uses the corporate LNFS color, blue, as well as incorporating the official logo of the competition.
The cut used in the KELME Precision LNFS combines a Textile Upper, which gives lightness and breathability, and the exclusivehisking, lightweight synthetic material, which ensures the comfort and lightness required in futsal. In addition, the Estrobel construction provides maximum flexibility. It slso features a suede reinforcement in the toe area to protect this area from abrasion. The midsole of the KELME Precision LNFS uses, like the other new models of the collection (K-Tournament Indoor and Casta), a layer of EVA Phylon providing a perfect buffer against shocks.
One of the areas of the shoe of the KELME Precision LNFS has been modified, it's the outsole, where the K-Lite bending lines give support and displacements and the stresses Erosion Control Technology, which distinguishes two rubber areas, made of different density, to suit the needs of each step.

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